Community Outreach and Charity

Community Outreach and Charity

Together We Serve Our Communities - Along with our housing mission, we strive to be a force for good in our communities. Each year, the Next Door Programs® team members and our partners, enjoyed donating over 2,000 hours of community service. These projects include the Next Door Programs® SOS Drive, autism fund raisers and meals for the homeless, along with volunteering for other school and community events. We are also proud to partner with United Way in their Student Reading Mentor Program, and many other projects throughout the year.

Hollis Cancer Center Promise Run

Nurse Next Door Promise Run to Benefit Hollis Cancer Center
Nurse Next Door Promise Run to Benefit Hollis Cancer Center 2
Nurse Next Door Promise Run to Benefit Hollis Cancer Center 3
Nurse Next Door Promise Run to Benefit Hollis Cancer Center 4

We were excited to participate in this year’s Hollis Cancer Center Promise Run! The run was organized by Lakeland Regional Health, and had over 1,200 participants, volunteers, and spectators who joined us in the race against cancer!

The Promise Run is inspired by people who believe that a community can come together to conquer cancer. It’s a celebration of the lives of loved ones touched by cancer and a Promise to strengthen the health of everyone around us.

Nurse Next Door© was pleased to sponsor the LRH Weight Loss Clinic Team (Weigh to Go Team), as well as volunteer at the event. What a fun day, for a great cause! Special shout-out to Joshua Farrell, Scottie Kautz, Paige Singletary, Sharon Parks, and all the other participants and volunteers in this year’s event!

SOS Public Servant Support Drive

Officer Next Door SOS Drive 2021
Firefighter Next Door Program Charity and Grants 2021
Officer Next Door Program SOS Charity Drive 2021
Officer Next Door Program Charities and Grants 2021

Thank you to all who took part in our most recent Next Door Programs, National SOS Drive! This year we included all our AMAZING First Responders and Nurses, as well as all the FABULOUS Teachers, across this great nation of ours.

Very special shout out to Preferred Realtor Partner Leon McKinney, in Las Vegas, for organizing this SOS Drive! Thank you for all you do to help others in the community!

Christmas Toy Drive

Nurse Next Door Charity Toy Drive
Officer Next Door Charity Toy Drive
Public Servant Next Door Charity Toy Drive
Teacher Next Door Charity Toy Drive

Thank you to all who took part in the Christmas Toy Drive. Special thanks to Hilary and Jason Reid for organizing the drive and Hilary for doing the shopping. Thank you to Albie and Mari Anderman, Jose Palomar, Steve Ehrlich, Tamara Price, Lisa Cohorst, Elizabeth Sumner, Chrystal Hoyt, Heather Martin, Paige Johnston, Steve and Sharon Parks, Cheri Aumond-McLean, Nichole Wade, Jordan Garcia, Yolanda Valentini and all the others who donated toys and funds to help make this years toy drive a success!

Supply Our Schools Drive (SOS)

2020 SOS 4
2020 SOS 3
2020 SOS 5
2020 SOS 6
2020 SOS 2

Thank you to the hundreds of Teacher Next Door Program volunteers who participated in this years National Teacher Next Door SOS Drive. This year was the the largest turn out yet, providing 1,000's of boxes of school supplies to teachers nationwide.

Special thanks to our national sponsors and reginal organizers: People's Mortgage Philanthropy, Dana McDonald and Stewart Title, Bank of England Ward / Hickman Teams, Cheri Almond-McLean, Albie Anderman, Jason Reed, Michelle Collins, Rahmun Aung Khin, Mel Chartier, Steve and Sharon Parks, Kelly Urso, Sherri Purcell Perry, Todd Lober, Jose Palomar and many more.

Feeding America

Feeding America

This month, Teacher Next Door helped Feeding America provide 5,000 meals to families in need. We would like to thank Feeding America and all those who volunteer their time and energy! If you or someone you know is struggling to put food on the table, or if you would like to help out, please visit

Teacher Next Logo Contest Winners

2019 TND Logo Contest 2
2019 TND Logo Contest
2019 TND Logo Contest 5
2019 TND Logo Contest 4
2019 TND Logo Contest 6

2019 Supply Our Schools Drive (SOS)

Thank you to all who donated school supplies this year to the Teacher Next Door SOS Drive, as well as all who volunteered to collect and deliver truck loads of supplies. Through your generosity we were able to help thousands of students and teachers in communities across the country.

Teacher Next Door Charities 2021
Nurse Next Door Charities 2021
Officer Next Door Charities 2021b
Firefighter Next Door Charities 2021

Teacher Next Door and our partners support many different non-profit charities each year, through volunteer hours and donations. If you would like to join us in celebrating service, and are in a position to help, you may reach out to these various charity organizations directly.